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What  Makes A Custom Table Just Right?

Customizations of course!

The more the merrier.

Need a little rustic flare? Add some distressing.

Love that nice sleek finished look? Add some routed rounded edges.

Need your top to be super smooth? Add that jointed top option, that a popular one!

How about more seating? Add some overhangs on the end!

Have fun with it and we will talk to you soon.


Rounded Edges

Machine Routered Edges for a Sleek Finished Feel

We always make sure our table edges are silky smooth with or without rounded edges, but machine routered edges gives a modern elegrant look!


Jointed Top

Flat & Smooth No Grooves

Regular Tops are a more farmhouse/rustic look where you an see and feel the grooves between the top boards. With Jointed Flat Tops, each top piece is ripped lengthwise, glued, clamped, and jointed where the grooves are less visible to the eye and you won't feel them either!


Breadboard Ends

Horizontal End Pieces

Breadboard ends are a classic farmhouse look and add a different flavor to any style of tabletop. Deciding whether or not to choose breadboard ends is purely a stylistic choice, so have fun with it!


Faux Live Edge

Handmade Live Edge

Love that Live Edge look but don't love the live edge prices? Let us make a faux live edge look for you! It's fun and looks real and adds a nice rustic flare to any table style.



Base and/or Top Stain Distressing

A lot of our clients love a more rustic look for their rental cabins and AirBnbs. The distressing add-on is perfect for making your custom table look artfully used and heirloom.

2022-11-21_16-11-57_578 (1)_edited.jpg


Overhangs for Extra Seating

Love a table style but need more room for seating? We have you covered! The overhang is a great option for tables that don't have open ends and don't allow for chairs on the ends.


Hand Relic'ed

Basically we beat your table up to make it look old.

This is different from distressing - which is just sanding some stain off the edges - Hand Relic'ed is where we use all kinds of methods to physically beat up your table top. it has a gorgeous outcome and is great stress relief :) 

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