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Wood Panels

Welcome to Saw & Dust Woodworks!

Where We Make Your House a Home With Custom Tables & Islands to Perfectly Match Your Space!

Our goal is to help you design the perfect custom table for your home, new construction, rental cabin or AirBnb! We offer a wide variety of styles and leg options.


Don't see the style you need? No worries, just shoot us a pic of the style of table you'd like to have made and we can most likely make it happen for you! 

We know that finding the exact custom table you need in the big box stores can be difficult. Especially if you have needs for odd sizes or want colors to match your space perfectly. 

All of our custom tables and islands are made to match your space and we have a wide variety of customization options, colors, styles and add-ons to help make your table an heirloom piece.

Head on over to our Customizations Page to see all of the fun options you can choose for your build, or simply scroll down to see some custom table and island options to get you started.

Also, at any point feel free to just shoot us a message in the chat box so we can answer any questions you might have. 

Most of all just have fun and we will talk to you soon!



Click each photo twice to see more in depth samples of each style.





Thank You, You Will Hear From Us Withiin 2-3 Hours!