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    Order online at Order over the phone by texting: 865-221-7388 Submit a Form on our Contact Us Page with the details of your custom order and we will reach out to you via phone.
    We will work hard to help you confirm every last detail of your order before hitting the buy button if you need help however if you need to make a change to your custom order, such as finish color, size, delivery method, etc, you'll have 24 hrs from when your order is submitted to make that change. After the 24 hr window, wheels have been set in motion toward making your custom furniture, and we're not able to make any additional adjustments, or cancel your order. If you still have questions... please call 865-221-7388, text, or email We'd love to help!
    Saw & Dust Woodworks is a garage-started, locally owned furniture company. Saw & Dust Woodworks-built-furniture is hand-made by a small team of local carpenters at our shop in Maryville, TN. We also offer a collection of Vintage Farmhouse Home Decor that are refurbished locally and/or hand-crafted by local artisans around Tennessee. We believe in supporting small business and offering local artists a chance to showcase & sell their work. Additionally, we offer local commercial & residential painting services as some of our carpenters are also experienced painters, finish carpenters and handymen. OUR COSMETIC STANDARD At Saw & Dust Woodworks, we take pride and care about each and every unique piece of furniture of solid wood furniture that we sell. The furniture that is handcrafted and brush-finished by our team is built using solid wood that can look distressed and has a reclaimed look. Given the handmade and hand-finished nature of the products we craft, variations and imperfections in the wood should be expected and celebrated! Just as every tree is unique, so too is every piece of furniture that is handcrafted and hand-finished just for you. Every piece of furniture will have a unique grain pattern and slight color variation as a result of the grain pattern. Other characteristics of handcrafted, solid wood furniture include open knots, (knots on top surfaces are filled by our craftsmen), visible brush strokes, micro-imperfections, and textural variations in the durable, hand-brushed finishes, unique distress marks, exposed screws, wood filler marks, rustic welds, joint lines, and distinctive nicks, splits, cracks, and other imperfections. We allow up to approx. 1" of variation across all measurements due to the custom nature of the handcrafted furniture we build. Those who do not appreciate variations and imperfections should not purchase handcrafted furniture. Solid wood may expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This natural movement enhances the one-of-a-kind beauty of solid hardwood and handcrafted furniture. It does not affect the structural integrity and is not considered defective. We do not offer machine-manufactured perfection - no two pieces are exactly alike since Saw & Dust Woodworks furniture is crafted to your order specifications. We celebrate the true uniqueness of every piece of solid wood furniture that is built and finished by hand in our woodshop.
    Figuring out what size table is right for your space can be tricky! Let us help! Tip 1: Seating Capacity Figuring out how many people you want to seat at your table is a great place to start. Chair widths and spacing preferences vary, but as a general rule: For Rectangular Tables: 6’ tables seat 6 loved ones 8’ tables seat 8 loved ones 10’ tables seat 10 loved ones 12’ tables seat 12 loved ones For Round Tables: 48” tables seat 4 loved ones 54” tables seat 4-5 loved ones 60” tables seat 5-6 loved ones 72" tables seat 6-8 loved ones For Square Tables: 46” tables seat 4 loved ones 55” tables seat 4-8 loved ones 60“ tables seat 8 loved ones 66” tables seat 8 loved ones Tip 2: Painter's Tape Use painter's tape to map out the table on the floor. This will help you visualize the new table in your distinct space. Then, simply take a tape measure and measure what you drew on the ground with painter’s tape. If you can maximize your space with a 7.75’ table, perfect. That’s what we’ll build. Tip 3: Spacing Rules If you know the room’s dimensions, but don’t have access to the space, here’s a spacing tip that will really help with the math. You typically want approximately 3 feet of clearance around all four sides your table. This will allow for a chair to be pushed back when someone stands up or for someone to be able to slide behind a chair that’s pulled up to the table. If you really need to maximize seating for a space, you might consider a bench along one or both sides instead of chairs. You can seat more people at a bench than with chairs when needed and you can tuck it under the table when not in use. Here is a visual seating chart that may help also:
    Selecting the right stain finish & polyurethane for your space can make you feel a little crazy! You want to get it right. You probably already have floor colors, wall colors, cabinet colors to contend with. Luckily, we build hundreds of tables each year so we can help! Check out our Lookbook, which features some of our favorite pieces in different colors in our favorite spaces, curated by our craftsmen here at Saw & Dust Woodworks. If you still have questions about choosing the right color feel free to reach out to us via phone 865-221-7388, text or email: We are here to help!
    In our experience the Oil-based polyurethane is a perfect finish for solid wood furniture. It's hard, durable, and scratch resistant. Here are a few of our favorite things about oil-based polyurethane: You don't have to use coasters. You can leave a glass of sweet tea on the table in the summer and the condensation won't leave any water rings. Spills wipe up easily. Some finishes used on less durable tables would need to be stripped if you spilled something like sweet tea on them. The oil-based polyurethane doesn't need to be reapplied & won't dry out as much over time like some oil finishes. If something is too hot to hold, you will still want to put down a hot pad or coaster with practically any surface. You can also damage your top if you spill something with heavy chemicals in it, such as fingernail polish remover and alcohol based substances. You don't want to use harsh chemicals to clean your table, as this may wear down the finish over the years. We recommend a wet rag or a wet soapy rag for cleaning - but you can use any cleaning product intended for wood surfaces. Please note for a more rustic look we recommend Water-Based Matte Polyurethane. While still durable, it is a little more delicate and coasters are recommended. Every other finish color we have uses our oil-based polyurethane.
    Saw & Dust Woodworks Inside Local Delivery If you live in Knoxville, TN within 50 Miles of our woodshop, you'll see an option for Inside Local Delivery at checkout. We offer inside delivery through a third-party delivery company. Inside Local deliveries typically occur on a weekday approx. 6-8 weeks from your order date. Once your furniture is complete, our team will send you an email letting you know to expect our third-party local delivery partner to call and schedule delivery. Because your delivery date and time are scheduled based on the relative locations of the dozens of homes on the same schedule, that delivery date and time cannot be changed or dictated. Delivery does not include the removal or moving of old furniture. Please make sure your delivery space is clear and ready for your new furniture. Please be prepared to inspect and sign for your furniture upon delivery. In the very rare event that your furniture does arrive damaged, do not refuse delivery. Notate any damage on the delivery slip before accepting the delivery. Saw & Dust Woodworks will fix or replace damaged items at no additional cost to you, but we can only do that if you've noted the damage on the delivery slip before signing for the furniture. Your furniture will be brought inside by the delivery team. It's yours to enjoy from there! Local Inside Deliveries include inside placement on the ground floor only. If your residence is not on the ground floor, your delivery will be curbside or into a ground floor space of your choice. *Please remember, most chairs, barstools, buffets and hutches, and some dressers are delivered flat-packed in boxes. These items will not be assembled for you, though assembly is very simple and straightforward and instructions are included. The delivery company is also not obligated to unpack these items. Please be prepared to inspect these items thoroughly and completely before the delivery company leaves. Certain items, such as porch swings, bookshelves, dressers, and other items that need to be secured to the wall/ceiling will be the responsibility of the customer. Delivery does not include installation. It is your responsibility to ensure the furniture you order can fit through your threshold. Furniture cannot be refused upon delivery if it does not fit through an entryway. If you have any questions concerning deliveries, please call or email us! 865-722-7388
    If choosing the Free Store Pick up option this is a great way to save on shipping or delivery costs! You are welcome to drive to us for store pick up if it feels convenient for you from anywhere in the USA. Our Store Pick Up Address is: 4234 Morganton Rd, Maryville TN 37803 When your custom order is completed we will reach out to you and schedule a good time for your pick up. Please be advised that if choosing the Store Pick Up option you will need to bring enough people and manpower to lift your items from the shop into your preferred vehicle or trailer. We will not have hired people to help lift. your items Any damage that may be accrued during your pick up to the custom order or to your vehicle is the responsibility of the client and not Saw & Dust Woodworks.
    In the rare event that your order is inaccurate or has a major defect that is outside of our Cosmetic Standards Policy, Saw & Dust Woodworks will replace the item and correct the issue. Saw & Dust Woodworks built items are crafted from solid furniture grad pine that can be distressed and have a reclaimed look. Our finishes are applied by brushes & stain pads not by machines. Any characteristics of handmade furniture are not considered defects. Please see our Cosmetic Standards in our FAQ's. Saw & Dust Woodworks will also fix or replace any items damaged in transit, as long as the damage is properly noted upon delivery per our instructions. Due to the high costs of packaging and freight charges, we are unable to offer returns or refunds on shipped orders for buyer's remorse or because client has decided they do not like the stain color they chose.
    We believe craftsmen should stand behind their products. That’s why we promise: If your item isn’t delivered the color, size, or style that you ordered, we’ll fix or replace it. If your item arrives damaged and the damage is noted at delivery, we’ll fix or replace it. The Saw & Dust Woodworks Promise is our guarantee to you. Even though we ship hundreds of items each year, our small team is like a family. That means you won’t get stuck behind call centers and big company policies if everything isn’t right. The same person who answered the call to help you place the order or answer any questions will be there if you need any help after the sale. Our furniture is handcrafted from real wood and we recognize that's not for some people. Please be sure to read "What should I know about Saw & Dust Woodworks before ordering?" on our FAQ's page for our Cosmetic Standards.
    By purchasing items from Saw & Dust Woodworks you are supporting American crafts women and men that will be unique, and have the look and feel of hand made wood pieces. Read our Cosmetic Standards here to understand what handmade wood furniture is and what it isn't. Our team of craftspeople get to work right away on your custom order, and Saw & Dust Woodworks does not accept cancellations or changes on any custom furniture orders 24 hours after the order has been placed. Saw & Dust Woodworks does not accept returns on any custom ordered pieces. However in the rare event that your order is built inaccurately or has a defect outside of the Cosmetic Standards Policy, Saw & Dust Woodworks will replace the furniture and correct the issue. James+James will also fix or replace any items damaged in transit, as long as the damage is properly noted upon delivery per our instructions. Furniture cannot be rejected at delivery for damage, but must be accepted and damage notated before Saw & Dust Woodworks can fix or replace any damaged items. The customer will be responsible for any storage or additional delivery fees incurred by rejected furniture. Once custom furniture is shipped and arrives at the shipping terminal nearest its destination, delivery must be set with the delivery company and accepted by the customer in a timely manner to avoid incurring storage fees. Saw & Dust Woodworks is not responsible for storage fees, or reconsignment fees incurred by the customer, and separate invoices will be sent to customer and charged before action can be taken to make any shipping changes. Our custom made table, islands, benches, shelves, and desks are built from solid wood that is distressed and has a reclaimed look. Our finishes are applied by brush & stain pads. Any characteristics of handmade furniture are not considered defects. Please see our cosmetic standards in our FAQ's.
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